Saturday, March 28, 2020

I am a Navy veteran with service on the USS White Plains (AFS-4) and USS Sperry (AS-12) and a Reverse Mortgage Professional with American Advisors Group (AAG). I have been doing mortgages since 1994. I now specialize in Reverse Mortgages by those over 62.

I started a theological website in 2004, and have continued to maintain it and to add content. It is accessed daily about 300 times, and has had hits from 200 countries. There is more content on that site than can be read in 100 lifetimes, and it is an honor to be involved in a site that has so much interest.

Cheryl is a Loan Officer Assistant at SOFI (Social Finance, LLC) in Lewisville, TX.

It was an honor a few years back to receive a State of Texas House of Representatives resolution honoring me for my work as a non-profit Executive Director (mortgages for churches in all 50 states) and given a Texas State flag that flew over the capitol the day the resolution passed. I have a personal blog.